Hot Takes are student-written reviews of relevant books (especially books in the library of the Bible), movies, shows, events, technology, and anything interesting or important to students (13-17 years of age). Usually light-hearted, each piece is all about developing a Biblical worldview, increasing Biblical literacy, and supplementing student ministries.


Ever have that moment where you’re going down the Insta, Snap, or TikTok rabbit hole and come across that ONE video that everyone’s duetting? That’s the Book of Matthew for you.


A Tax-Man-Turned-Disciple


First off, who’s Matthew? Dude was a tax collector, which back in the day was like… the least liked job ever. Imagine that friend who borrows your stuff and never returns it. But when Jesus showed up with a simple, “Follow me,” Matthew ditched the tax life. (Matthew 9:9-12)

While, four dudes (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) wrote about Jesus’ life, Matthew’s like that friend who remembers EVERYTHING. His take? Connecting Jesus to some old prophecies in the Older Testament.

He’s like, “Yo, you remember that old stuff we heard about? This is Him!”

Matthew’s version is basically a highlight reel of Jesus’ best moments. You know that “Blessed are the…” stuff? That’s the Sermon on the Mount, and it’s pure 🔥. (Matthew 5:1-12)

It’s all here: life hacks, miracles, and even some drama.

Matthew is all about showing off Jesus as the ultimate King, starting with His family tree (Matthew 1) linking Him to royalty right up until those wise guys show up with bling gifts at Christmas. (Matthew 2)

King vibes everywhere!

Okay, major spoiler, but when you read it, you see it coming: Jesus goes through some tough times, gets betrayed, but then – rises again, just like He said He would.

Matthew is saying, “See, I told you! Jesus is Him!”

But, Matthew’s not just telling stories for fun. He ends with a challenge for all of us: Go and share this epic tale – basically, telling us to duet with Jesus’ story and make it go viral in our own life. (Matthew 28:16-20)

So, next time you’re bored and scrolling, maybe scroll a bit of Matthew. Trust me, it’s got all the feels, the suspense, and the inspo you need.


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