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Finally, you will grow your student ministry by inviting students and parents to be more of an active part with elements and support that will free you up to spend time discipling students and parents instead of scrambling to get the next student service ready.


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Series Outlines + Story-based Commentaries

Thoroughly researched and relevant commentaries that provide you and your students with biblical narratives, teaching passages, story prompt ideas, and more!

Check out examples of an outline and commentary!

Weekly Social Posts and Text Messages

Engage your students and parents all week with carefully crafted and customizable social posts and text messages that go along with the week’s student experience.

Check out this example of a week’s resources!

Group and Parent Guides

Create a conversation with group and parent material designed to help leaders and parents guide their students through a discussion complete with easy steps for follow-up.

Check out this example of a week’s resources!

Graphics Package and Promotional Videos

Made with students in mind, each series provides at least one promotional and/or bumper element along the various graphic elements to meet any* churches’ needs. 

*easy to format (.AI or .PSD) files are included

Check out an example of a promotional video for a series!

Monthly Group Call

Join a growing community of student pastors from all over the country on a monthly Lab Call that offers support, encouragement, and additional training and resources.

(Training and support partners include GLOO, MXU, Toby the Goby, and so much more.)

Get margin for more ministry!

Get more time for training and supporting your leaders, more time to shepherd and care for your students and parents, more time to get out and be in your schools and community, and more time at home with your family.

  • Get 10 hours of your work week back
  • Get 100s of minutes of creative meeting time back
  • Get 1000s of dollars of creative budget back

Stories speak volumes and are hard to ignore

The Church should be the greatest storytellers in the world!

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