Hot Takes are student-written reviews of relevant books (especially books in the library of the Bible), movies, video games, shows, events, technology, and anything interesting or important to students (13-17 years of age). Usually light-hearted, each piece is all about developing a Biblical worldview, increasing Biblical literacy, and supplementing student ministries.


Alright, let’s talk about something we’ve all faced: the almighty urge to rage quit. Yep, that intense moment when you’re so frustrated with a video game, you just hit the power button and storm off.

But powering down in these moments will keep us from powering up for so much more.

This impulse to quit seeps into the real world, too.
Friendships hit a rough patch? Ghosted.
That relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows? Bye.
School feels like you’re battling the final boss without any power-ups? Out.

But before you hit that quit button next time, check this out!

Two guys named Paul and Silas are in a dire situation, locked up in prison for doing good stuff (yeah, you heard that right), but instead of giving in and giving up, they find an earthly exploit.

Luke writes what happens in Acts 16:25
About midnight Paul and Silas were praying. They were also singing hymns to God. The other prisoners were listening to them.

Instead of rage quitting in their literal darkest hour, they choose to worship God.

Paul and Silas didn’t see this midnight moment as a game over situation. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to lean into faith, worship, and joy. And suddenly everything changes. An earthquake shakes the prison and they are freed.

Now, back to us. The next time you’re staring down a rage quit moment in life, remember, there’s a different choice you can make. You can find your version of prayer and hymns.
You can take a moment to breathe, to reflect, to find something to be grateful to God for.
Or to simply whisper a prayer or play a song about God and His love for you.

You can find a power-up in worship.

This doesn’t mean denying your feelings or pretending everything’s okay. It’s about recognizing that, yes, this life level is hard, but you’re not alone. God’s with you and for you and this isn’t the end of the game.

Sometimes life is tough – tougher than the toughest levels in the most toughest games.
And sometimes our friends and others around us encourage us to quit when things get tough.

But when we stand firm in our faith and face challenges head-on, we will find supernatural strength and comfort that God will work out all things for our good. (Romans 8:28)

So, next time you’re ready to shout “I quit!” or quietly leave and log off in tough time in life – remember Paul and Silas.
Remember this midnight moment of theirs.
Remember that you have the power to hit pause, take a breath, and find God’s strength and presence in worship.

And you will see for yourself, that it’s these moments that transform us, power us up for the next challenge life throws our way. Because that next intense moment in your darkest hour might just become God’s brightest victory in your life.


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