Helping Raise Biblical literacy with the power of story through the local church. 

We Provide essential resources to churches and ministries

We never want to see a church, pastor, or ministry lack essential resources that could free their time and finances to do more ministry. Through a special relationships with various companies, we are able to gift time-saving and staff-saving resources to churches and pastors from all over the United States.

We foster growth for churches and ministries

Growth is essential for a thriving church and ministry. Through donations, we are able to provide coaching and consulting to pastors and staff members that could otherwise not afford it. 

We empower spiritual leaders

Through retreats, webinars, coaching calls, accountability and more we are able to empower leaders of churches, organizations and ministries to stretch themselves and have a greater impact for the kingdom. 

Our Mission & Vision

Waking Giants supports organizations, churches, pastors and ministries by providing essential resources, fostering growth, and empowering spiritual leaders. 


We help provide churches and ministries with resources from Paper Giants through their Sunday and Student Storytellers content. Coming soon…Kid Storytellers!

  • Sermon research and commentaries
  • Series graphics and videos
  • Group Guides and Parent Resources
  • Social Media resources
  • and more!

Rest and Relationships

We provide resources to pastors to help them stay healthy and lead longer.

  • The Council Retreat for senior pastors
  • The Lab Retreat for student pastors
  • Healthy Pastor App



Financial Support

We provide financial support to organizations and ministries to help foster exponential growth for the kingdom.

Support Us

We’ve supported over 20 churches through donations this year.

Your donation helps us resource even more churches with essential tools to help them create more margin for more ministry. With your support, we will also be able to help fund the development of bible story infused kids curriculum that will be added to the resources gifted to churches that could otherwise not afford quality kids curriculum. 

Support an entire church for a year

Donate $500 each month or $6,000 annually to provide a church with Sunday, Students and Kid Storyteller content for an entire year!

Support a pastor or ministry at a church for a year

Donate $100 each month or $3,000 annually to provide a church with Sunday Storytellers or Student Storytellers for an entire year!

sponsor a pastor at a retreat

Donate $1,000 to provide a free registration to a pastor wanting to attend one of our retreats. 


How to be a part of the story…

No matter what amount of donation you choose, your generosity will be woven into helping churches, organizations, ministries and pastors lead longer, with more margin for more ministry and tell better stories than ever before. 

Learn how to get involved and how stories are being changed forever. 

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