Discovery Experience

This experience will leave no stone un-turned as we collaborate together to slay the giants standing in your way! If you are not sure exactly what kind of creative product or content service you need, the Discovery Experience will help you figure it out!

How does a Discovery Experience work?

We have 10 sessions uniquely designed to fuse organizational information and metrics with team dynamics to identify the greatest opportunities to help your organization with Mission and Messaging, Imagination and Invention, as well as Creativity and Content.

Depending on what you need or want, you can choose all 10, or certain ones you like. Think of it like a “Choose Your Adventure”!



In the Beginning

Organizational Origin Story

In the End

Organizational Outcomes

Blue Sky Lunch

What If? What Then? What Now?1.5hrs
Lunch Provided*

Organizational Identity

Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

Team Identity

Leadership and Team Focus Group

1 x 3 x 5 x 10

Organizational Goals


Big Board

Organizational Priorities


White Page Lunch

Why? When? How?1.5hrs
Lunch Provided*

Round Table

Discussion Forum

Full 2 Day Experience

If all 9 sessions interest you, book a full 2 day Discovery Experience for a special price and we will end the experience with a party for your team! 

We can’t wait to help you and your team slay your giants! To begin the process, click below to fill out a quick form and we will be in contact!

We’re Better Together

Whether you have a simple question or are ready to get started slaying the giants in your way, let us know who you are and we’ll be in touch!



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