June 1-3 2023

Faith Promise Church
Knoxville, Tennessee

Disrupt the drudge between Wednesdays and breathe new life into your creative, discipleship, leader and parent processes.

Free yourself to do what you do best- be with students!

What is the Lab?

We just uncovered information about a secret experiment that looks to turn every student pastor’s way of life and how they do ministry upside down, forever.

Combining the most unstable parts of student sourced creativity with the most  stable building blocks of engaging students, raising up leaders, and involving parents – this outrageous creation cannot be contained by a limited budget, full calendar or inbox of emails.

Help us break this experiment out of its high-security lab and set it free on your students, families, and church this Fall by planning it’s escape together with us and student pastors, coaches, and leaders!


Pastor Zac Stephens

Pastor Zac Stephens

Lead Pastor, Faith Promise Church

Pastor Zac has previously served Faith Promise Church leading students and campuses – always seeing dynamic growth and staff development in each role. In the most recent season, he has led Faith Promise in re-imagining its vision and values and has been instrumental in creating a culture within the church to clearly define how to execute those values in everyday life. He desires to see every person at Faith Promise discover their purpose and win their world.

Pastor Steve Kerr

Pastor Steve Kerr

Central Student Pastor, Faith Promise Church

Following exposure to Gamma Radiation, Steve now has the ability to empower young leaders and students to grow in their faith and leadership.

Apart from ministry, Steve’s other powers include a unique eye for rare collectibles, which he keeps back at the bat cave.

His alter-ego is his most important one, and as a mild-mannered husband and father, Steve models the importance of putting his family first and helping other student pastors do the same.

Sean Green

Sean Green

Owner and Elite Basketball Trainer, Priority One Athletics

Sean doesn’t just train basketball players, he teaches them everything they need to know to help them crossover from understanding the most basic fundamentals and adapt to any situation during a game.

He works with players from the NBA, WNBA, FIBA, and NCAA to High School McDonald’s All-Americans, and Little League. No matter the level, his passion is to train players to handle any moment on the court.

His hands-on style and experience in 1-on-1 and group sessions with students and adults will assist student pastors win more in the fast pace flow of coaching leaders and connecting with students.

Abbie McGinnis

Abbie McGinnis

Social Media and Content Creator

Abbie runs her own social media management + content creation company. She has been serving and working in the social media industry for 6 years. 

She’s very into: long walks in the sunshine, encouraging others, eating sourdough pizza, and building a business that honors + glorifies God.

She wants to help student pastors like you become confident in your social media strategy and build an authentic connection between you and your audience. 

Lane Taylor

Lane Taylor

Digital Creator, Built for More Podcast

Lane, host of the Built for More podcast, is a husband, father and entrepreneur. With a background in sales, marketing and business, he speaks to real-life entrepreneurs and business owners weekly, discussing their journeys, their goals and their struggles with both business and personal life.

He has a passion for helping others like you find their voice and joining them on their journey of entrepreneurship and enriching their personal lives.

Event Details

What's Included

All activities and food is included! We will have a free lodging option at a host home for those that are traveling to Knoxville! Just notate that you would like information on your registration.

What to Bring

Bring a bathing suit and towel for our pool party Thursday night!

Transportation Info

You will need your own transportation to and from Faith Promise Church, Knoxville- Pellissippi Campus (10740 Faith Promise Ln, Knoxville, TN 37931).


What Happens After the Lab

The Paper Giants student team will crush some energy drinks, put down their gaming controllers, and not stop until the work of fusing all the collaboration of content for a full years worth of building blocks, illustrations, story prompts, group guides, graphics and videos, texting and social media content, leader and parent guides, and more is done! You will have the opportunity to purchase a monthly subscription to receive this ground-breaking new student curriculum. 


Almost Go Time!








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